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CIP-010 Compliance Checklist

Fortify your defense against cyber threats


Embarking on the journey to CIP-010 compliance requires a clear and structured approach to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity in the Bulk Electric System (BES). Our CIP-010 compliance checklist is your foundational guide, providing step-by-step actions to ensure adherence to these critical standards.​

The Fortress


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Fortress’s comprehensive solution meets all your CIP-010 software validation requirements with automated and safe software installation.


Fortress managed services collaborates with customers to ensure software updates are tracked and thoroughly evaluated for a secure install.


FIA gives conclusive insights into patch availability and authenticity, enabling informed decision-making and enhanced security and reliability of critical infrastructure.

Proactively secure OT, IT, and IoT

Fortress’s vulnerability management solution ensures cyber resilience in complex operational environments to identify and remediate cyber issues quickly and efficiently. Fortress vulnerability management is the only cybersecurity tool your enterprise organization needs to manage the vulnerability lifecycle.

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