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Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure: Achieve CIP-013 Compliance

Improve CIP-013 Compliance.

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With penalties of up to $1 million/day for CIP-013 compliance failure, it is essential that companies have a streamlined process for compliance.


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Top CIP-013 Technology Needs

Centralized Platform for Risk Management & Audit Evidence Collection

The Fortress Platform serves as a single repository for all assessments and reports, simplifying your compliance and security journey.

AI Monitoring for Risk Discovery & Remediation
The Fortress Platform uses its suite of AI Monitoring products to deliver comprehensive insights into third-party and product risks, offering continuous monitoring of entities to safeguard critical infrastructure.
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Secure Software Update & Patch Assurance

Fortress actively monitors and validates software patches by verifying their authenticity and rigorously checking for potential security risks. This process ensures that only secure and reliable updates are applied maintaining system security.

Improve your CIP-013 Compliance with Fortress Platform

Achieve compliance with confidence and contribute to more secure and reliable energy infrastructure