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Holistically Managing Risk and Compliance
with a Supply Chain Central Library

Tuesday, March 15 | 12pm EST 

Learn how to manage risk, automate regulatory compliance, reduce burdensome redundancies, and reduce costs by leveraging a supply chain central library.

Join us for lunch and learn how you can manage and resolve challenges in both vendor risk and product risk disciplines, while achieving and simplifying regulatory compliance and reducing burdensome redundancies.

Topics covered:

  • Using and managing validated product assessments to provide visibility to vulnerabilities, patch history, and security controls
  • Automating compliance management and audit preparation to enable effective documentation to regulatory standards such as NERC CIP, NDAA and CMMC
  • Gaining visibility to and documenting insights into the geopolitical relationships of vendors, their products and their 4th party suppliers
  • Using data-driven risk ranking to determine the criticality and cyber maturity of supplier assets to quickly prioritize vendors into tiers
  • When and where to apply software and hardware (bill of materials) analyses to uncover open-source vulnerabilities, outdated components, and any component-level exposure to foreign ownership control or influence (FOCI) risk
  • When and where to apply continuous monitoring of active vendors and cyber assets in a technology ecosystem