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Speak with an Expert


A2V Overview for Suppliers

Thursday, May 19 | 11:00am ET

Join us to learn more about how the Trust Center allows suppliers to bridge the cyber communication gap with their customers.

Since the launch of our A2V Library, Fortress has now developed an information-sharing tool for the suppliers participating in the Library to connect with their customers and provide pivotal information about their supply chain security practices.
The A2V Trust Center is the supplier-centered element of Fortress’ A2V Library; it offers an enhanced ability to share and update cybersecurity information, as well provide additional materials not requested in the initial assessment. The Trust Center allows suppliers to control the information provided to their customers including security attestations, completed NATF questionnaires, and third-party certifications.
Our webinar discussion will include an overview of the features of the Trust Center including:
  • Compliance management and audit preparation questionnaires to support existing and emerging regulatory standards
  • Supplier-validated product assessments that provide visibility on vulnerabilities, patch history, and security controls
  • Insights into geopolitical relationships of suppliers, their products, and their fourth-party suppliers
  • Continuous monitoring of all active suppliers, their customers, and fourth-party vendors
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