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Fortress is the AI-powered cybersecurity company, defending critical infrastructure, government agencies, and their supply chains against cyber threats and mission risks.

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Failure is not an option. That’s why leaders across government and critical infrastructure trust Fortress as a vigilant partner.

Commercial Industries

Drive security and compliance across your entire IT, OT, and third-party ecosystem.

Federal Government

Secure your assets and supply chains with a partner who shares your mission.

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Cyber Supply Chain
Risk Management (C-SCRM)

Secure critical supply chains with comprehensive programs ensuring operational resiliency and safeguarding critical assets.

Risk Management (TPRM)

Mitigate third-party risk by identifying and resolving key vendor risks resulting in a secure and resilient vendor ecosystem.  


Identify and remediate critical vulnerabilities to protect your organization from cyber threats across OT, IT, and IoT.

Supply Chain Security

Enhance software integrity to mitigate security risks in third-party software components and bolster organizational security.
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We know the attack vectors bad actors employ are constantly multiplying and evolving. We also understand that protecting the multifaceted system that makes up our supply chains requires consistent evolution. Organizations need a partner with the expertise to employ every defensive tool available. Fortress stands apart as the most comprehensive solution with the tools to combat evolving threats. 


Our approach to data collection is going beyond our competition and working directly with vendors to remediate vulnerabilities. We provide the most reliable data in the industry from an insider perspective. Then we utilize tools like NAESAD and A2V to streamline accessibility and cut the costs to provide the data to our clients.


It’s not what you find, it’s what you fix. We work together with our clients on priority, mitigation, and implementation. Then we work with their vendors on plans of action for remediation. Fortress leads the most proactive, scalable, and conclusive approach to protecting our client’s assets and critical infrastructure. 


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Vice Admiral Albert Thomas "Tom" Church III

U.S. Navy (retired), former Navy Inspector General
"There are so many threat vectors- Russia, China, North Korea, independent actors, dark web activity and ransomware among others. This is the hottest topic we've got as a country, and I think everybody's running scared right now on this issue. Fortress is the solution-they deliver capabilities that nobody else has today. Period."

About Fortress:

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We know that the security and stability of our energy and utilities infrastructure is absolutely critical to sustaining our economy. We know our nation’s defenders deserve the best tools in hand to safeguard our way of life. Understanding third-party risk, illuminating and resolving vulnerabilities, and ensuring safe operation – these are the challenges we set out to solve. 

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